Social networking has become an important part of our daily life and we love to keep tabs on things that are happening and the people that matter to us. Social networking sites like Facebook offer us with better social networking experience but adding too many Facebook friends and contacts can leave us vulnerable and our information can be hacked in ways that we cannot imagine. There are many Facebook users that prefer to keep their profile low because they want to make sure that their account information is not compromised at all. Here we offer some better options on how you can enjoy social networking experience on Facebook while keep your account safe.

Stronger Password

Most users never really concentrate on the password that they keep when they create Facebook account and that can be dangerous and can compromise the security of the Facebook account. Always create stronger passwords that can offer you better protection compared to simple passwords like your last name and date of birth that are easier to guess. It is recommended that you go for passwords that have combination of small characters, capital characters and special characters.

Usually users don’t do that because it becomes hard to type in and remember as well but there are better ways to create stronger and better passwords that you can remember easily. Additionally, make sure that you never save passwords especially on computers that you share with others including your family members. It is also recommended that you keep changing your Facebook account passwords regularly to ensure that your account is safe and secured.

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Avoid Third Party Apps

There are many gaming and news apps that you can get connected with on Facebook and when you add them to your profile they have access to all the basic information. This can be risky especially if you have too many unwanted third party apps that you are not using anymore or that you are not sure about. If you are not using any app on your Facebook account it is better that you remove it from your account so that your basic account information is not compromised. If you want them but you are not using it at the moment you can go ahead and disable them till the time you want.

Add Genuine People

The biggest threat to your Facebook account is strangers so make sure you add people to your account that you know personally. Adding too many friends whom you don’t know on personal basis can be an additional risk that you do not want to take as it can compromise the information. Millions of people around the world keep adding more friends and people to their Facebook account because they want to improve their social circle but that can damage and risk the personal information that you have posted on Facebook account. It is also recommended that you avoid posting any financial information or confidential information if you have too many friends whom you don’t know on personal basis.

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