Social networking websites are widely used and Facebook is certainly one of the most popular ones. Apart from socializing and networking, Facebook users can also enjoy some amusing games offered by the Social networking giant. These games are not only loaded with fun but can be played free and offer a rich gaming experience. One will come across a wide number of Facebook games with endless choices. Here on this page we will talk about the top Facebook games that are highly popular amongst its users. These games are among the top choices for most of the players at Facebook

Here is a quick look at the Top 10 Facebook Games..

1. FarmVille 2

This is one of the most-played game at Facebook. The players need to manage and maintain a simulated farm by harvesting trees and planting crops. Whether you are a grown up or a kid, everyone loves having their own farm, looking after it and planting whatever corps they like and enjoy the harvesting season.

2. Pet Society

Love pets? Well, now you can have a virtual pet in Pet Society. Build up your home and keep as many pets as you like in this exciting game. If you can’t have a real pet in real world, there is no stopping you in the virtual world of this exciting game. Spend time with your pet and look after him.

3. CityVille

CityVille is certainly one of the most popular game on Facebook and manages to keep large number players involved. The game offers loads of fun and allows the players to carry out certain tasks side-by-side such as construction, buying and selling goods, farming etc.

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4. FishVille

FishVille is very similar to FarmVille and is just perfect for those who love fish. Have your own aquarium and manage it with the variety of fish you want. Enter this virtual gaming world that can keep you engrossed for hours. Get a few starter fish for your virtual aquarium.

5. Bubble Speed

If you love speed and bubbles, then this is the best Facebook game for you. Have fun in the world of speed and test your reflexes. This is an extremely entertaining game for those who love speed and thrill.  The player has to shoot bubbles and collect diamonds in this fast-paced game.

6. Castleville

Want to own your own castle? Well, at Castleville, you can. Just go ahead and make the castle you want and enrich it to enjoy living there. You can also open different outlets in your castle once you come into money. You can open up a cake shop, ice cream store and even a library for those living there.

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7. Restaurant City

Now, you can be a proud owner of a restaurant in this wonderful Facebook game. Send invitations to all and let you friends know about your restaurants. Invite them over to taste all the goodies you plan to offer at your restaurant in Restaurant City.

8. Buddypoke

Buddypoke game allows the players to choose their characters and discover the amazing world along with their friends. You can even chat and play within this exciting game on Facebook. Go ahead and make your own avatar like panda, turtle, car, dogand make them do different things.

9. Monster World

At Monster World, you can have a grass land of your own.  In many ways it is similar to Farmville but here the monsters do the farming and the crops you find here are simply out of the world. You need to graduate to go to the next level.

10. Mafia Wars

If you love travelling and want to explore different cities like Bangkok, Moscow, Cuba, Italy, New York, Paris etc, this is the game for you. Travel enthusiasts will have a blast at Mafia Wars, one of the top Facebook games. Explore the huge marketplace to trade.

There is a complete marketplace offered to the players to trade for what they desire.Apart from these top 10 FaceBook games, there are many more to discover and enjoy at the social networking site. Try out titles like Bike Race, Hay Day, clash of clans, Dragon City etc, and enjoy endless fun and gaming.