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How To Delete Web Browsing History Simple Steps..

Each time we open any website through the web browsers or perhaps searching something from the Google search engine, each time it will save all the pages including searching history on the web browser. However, if you wish to delete your saved history then follow these simple and straightforward steps. The reason that you want to delete your history it is simply because you have got shared computer therefore, you don’t wish anyone to look into your history or maybe You would like to erase something which is private. Now, Follow these steps..

Viewing the history of the Internet explorer browser

Simply, open the internet browser and then click on the top right hand side “tools” button and you will view several lists simply, click on the internet options and look for the settings that is under the general tab, click settings and then again click view files and now you’ll be able to see your web browsing history.


Press the CTRL+H keys to open the history bar.

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 Deleting history of Internet explorer

Open the internet browser, Immediately press the ALT key and you will view the menu bar. At present, click on the 5th option that is tools Now click delete browsing history and you will get several choices For eg, Cookies and website data, form data, passwords, download history, etc. Whatever you would like to delete, Delete it by clicking clear browsing history.

Another option to delete browsing history of internet explorer

Open the Internet explorer and Press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE keys to delete the browsing data.

Viewing and deleting history of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla users have two options to view their browsing history

Option 1 : Open Mozilla Firefox and then click on the Firefox menu that is on the top left side  and immediate click history, presently you will see your browsing history, Simply right click on the pages that you would like to erase and click delete this page. This was the easiest procedure for deleting Mozilla Firefox history.

Option 2: Open Mozilla Firefox and press CTRL+H to open the history bar immediately on the left side history bar will appear. Now delete the web pages that you would to like delete.

Viewing and deleting history of Google Chrome

Open the google chrome browser and click on the customize option that is placed in the top right hand side, Now once more click the history button and immediately you’ll be able to view your history records.  Click on the first tab clear browsing history and decide which history you wish to delete for example, the past hour, the past week, the past day, the last 4 weeks, the beginning of the time, Now decide and click clear browsing history.

On the other hand, you may also have the options to delete Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data, Cached image files, Passwords, Autofill data and more. You can choose from these options and click on the clear browsing data.

Another method to view and delete google chrome history

Simply press CTRL+H and you will see the history bar. At present you can delete your saved history.

Thus, these were the simplest steps taken for deleting the browsing history. If you are finding any difficulty to erase history then please share with us in the commens below.