How To Create New Facebook Account In Easy Steps

Till now Facebook  is considered to be the best social networking website on this earth, so it becomes very obvious of having an account on Facebook. Here are a few easy steps mentioned that can help you to make your Facebook account if you don’t have one. They are as follows..

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  •  As the Facebook website is opened, you could see the empty blocks of sign up, fill your first name and the last name.
  • There is also a space given to enter your email address, So fill your email address twice in that boxes.
  • Now carefully put any password you like.
  • Choose your birth date and gender then click on Sign Up for Facebook.
  •  Then you will be given a Captcha word to type, type that word properly and then Sign Up.
  • Once you entered the Facebook page, Facebook will basically provide you the list of finding people that are already on Facebook. Well right now you have to skip that step.
  • Then it comes the profile information, you have to fill all the details that are necessary or you have the option to skip as well.
  • Then there is the option of Profile Picture, you can either upload any of your picture or you have the option of skipping.
  •  Your Sign Up procedure is almost done and now you have your own Facebook account but right now it is not fully completed. The email address you provided for the Facebook account, go to that email.
  • You will be seeing a New Facebook email, you need to click on that and confirm the email address.
  • After confirming you will see that your Facebook account is confirmed and now you can use Facebook anytime you want.

Make sure you remember your Facebook log in id and your password as well.

Happy Facebooking 🙂

So these are the easiest steps taken to make an account on Facebook.