Top 5 Free Sms Sending Websites

In today’s world our cellphones have turned out to be the most important part of our lives, whether you accept it or you don’t, it has turned out to be the most important and useful part of our modern world. Mobile technology was of less use when the internet technology wasn’t out, since that it is, it has given loads of advantages to the mobile technology as well like you can information on your phone by clicking any website you want, social networking websites, browser options etc etc.

Also for the mobile obsessed people the internet technology has also invented short messaging service that is sms through the given online websites that only requires your contact detail and number and hence from there you can start sending sms for free. These websites gives you the oppurtunity to save your time and send messages free of cost to any contact in the abroad and the best part is you don’t have to pay for it as it is for free of costs. You can send unlimited sms with a 160 words to anyone you want which is outside your country that too for free, isn’t that cool? After all there are still free lunches available.. Here are the top 5 free sms sending websites…

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1. 160 by 2

Through 160 by 2 you can easily send free messages to any country or any mobile number. It is free to use and very very easy too send. This website is very reliable and is known for the right sending and consistent delivery. Millions of users use this messaging website not as it is faster to deliver your messages and all free. So start messaging…

2. Way 2SMS

When we are talking about way 2 sms we know that this website provides a exceptional delivery which has made this website very popular. Its a free sms to any mobile network in the world and it also give you email alerts on your cellphone from any gmail or yahoo accounts respectively. You can also chat on the website and the delivery of messages are less then 10 seconds and you can write how many you many messages you want.

3. SMS440

You can have the access to this service and this website anywhere you want. This website not only created a phone book with a click but also you can send sms in any language you want with your mobile number reflected on the sender email id and also it has scheduled sms in the future too. The service is very fast and free..

4. Fullon SMS

With creating unlimited groups and unlimited messages, this website can send many messages all over the world that too for free and very fast as the full on sms has the potential of being on of the fastest messaging service as the quality of this website is exceptionally well ans doing great.

5. Google SMS channel

The google sms channel are basically operated and done in the labs of India Google. This service is very popular among the people who run their own blog or a website, ofcourse for that they need sms channels so whenever the channel owner update their respective blogs or website, the own of it can send sms and give them an alert. SMS will be totally free but the delivery of it is still slow and not that great but still its progressing.

These are the top websites for free sms, start messaging now…